Community Masters: The Ultimate Community Building Guide


Community Masters is a FREE 377-page, in-depth guide to building communities; from our own experiences building and scaling a Discord server to 50,000 members and our own community app to 120,000 members and 2200 communities.

1000+ events, 10 million+ voice minutes and 3 years later, we're ready to unpack all our secrets.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Community benchmarks and metrics to track

  • Chapters on growth, running adverts, watering holes, building an engine

  • How to create an audience and breakdowns of the YouTube algorithm

  • Monetization and how much you can expect to make relative to your scale

  • A guide to running events and improving retention

  • Job descriptions and where to find a community manager

  • Tool comparisons

  • And much, much more!

The book isn't just limited to our stories - we unpack stories from the Notion community, success stories from the NFT world, and more!

Written by Elson Joy and Varun Mayya.

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Community Masters: The Ultimate Community Building Guide

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